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New Commissioner, New Vision

On January 2, 2013, David Madore (R-Vancouver) was sworn in as the new Clark County Commissioner for district 2. 

He is founder and CEO of US Digital, a Vancouver company that designs and manufactures precision sensors for motion control applications.  His goal as county commissioner is to keep his promises and help Clark County flourish.  Madore believes he can make Clark County healthier and encourage local employment.

He has made a seamless transition from businessman to commissioner. He prepared for the transition by hiring competent people to run his company, and this has allowed him to focus full-time on his newly elected position.  His goals for Clark County are steadfast and have not altered since he made his decision to run for public office.

Madore has hit the deck running, and is using his beliefs in smaller government and lower taxes and fees to guide his decisions.  He has already promised to remove fees from parks and has asked his staff to look where cuts can be made so that the revenue from the fees will not be missed.  So far, the Clark County staff has found about $330,000 in waste that can be reallocated to fulfill his parks promise.

Two years ago, Madore started a group called NoTolls.com. It’s a public awareness campaign aimed at telling people the truth about the Columbia River Crossing project. The more he learned about the CRC project, the more convinced he became the project was on the wrong track. Then, the more exposure he brought to the project, the more he was stonewalled by government. Finally, he decided—since the current elected officials weren’t listening to him—to run for office himself.

He is using every ounce of influence he can to get the CRC project on the right track. He isn’t afraid to cut agency funding if they don’t support his vision for the CRC Project, as the Columbia River Economic Development Council recently learned the hard way. They publically opposed Madore’s vision for the CRC and he—along with one other commissioner’s vote—cut their funding. If they want it back, then they need to align their support for the CRC project with Madore’s no-toll vision.

On a personal note, David Madore has been my neighbor ever since I can remember.  His family has always been supportive of each other and they all rely on one another.  Madore is a spiritual and honest man and will make a great commissioner.

David Madore


Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson

Citizen Action Network Intern