January 13, 2009 Print

105 days, 105 ways to balance the budget, cut government waste and stimulate the economy

Given all the doom and gloom in the papers lately, it's easy to believe the state's budget situation is bordering hopeless, and that monumental tax increases and free-roaming felons are just one apoplectic fit away. Fear not; Armageddon is NOT upon us. There are plenty of things lawmakers can do to pull our state out of its precarious fiscal situation.
For each day of the 2009 legislative session, EFF will be introducing one idea to help lawmakers balance the state budget, cut government waste and stimulate the economy. Our recommendations are based on original EFF research, audit reports, committee reports, state government reports and studies by national think tanks.
Each idea will include links to the full study or recommendation for people looking for more information.
Some of our ideas will be more universally liked than others, and some will leave you scratching your head asking why the state hasn't done that already. If you like an idea, tell your friends! We need your help to get the word out on great ideas. There are ways to fix this budget problem without tapping your wallet or leaving kids to starve on the street.
We will blog each day's idea here and catalogue it on our 105 Days, 105 Ways webpage.
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