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What's hot today at the legislature - February 7, 2013

A number of bills are up for executive session votes on today's committee schedules. Today's hot public hearing is this morning as the Senate Commmittee on Governmental Operations hears three versions of a proposed state constitutional amendment to require a supermajority vote in each legislative chamber to pass a tax increase (Senate Joint Resolutions 8200, 8204, 8205). You can read more over at the Olympia Report.

Scheduled for executive session today are the cottage food bill (HB 1135), the so-called Voting Rights Act (HB 1413), the bill to limit the use of taxpayer funds for lobbying (HB 1093), and the bills that would allow certain hospital employees to override their bosses (HB 1152 and HB 1153).

Keep an eye on the blog, and we'll keep you informed as the legislative process grinds on. The big questions remain: When will the budget conversation begin, and who will control the terms of the debate?


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