What is CAN?

The Citizen Action Network (CAN) is an outreach project of the Freedom Foundation, and a grassroots movement dedicated to connecting, equipping, and mobilizing the people of Washington State to help keep freedom alive.  In a nation that has lost its way, there are those who stand and fight for freedom.  Will you join us?

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What’s At Stake…
Most of us talk to our elected officials regularly…through the television set or radio when they are guests on talk shows and say something to set us off.  But when do we actually talk with the people we have elected to represent us?

Some people do spend a lot of time talking with politicians. Those would be special interests who want government to provide a new service or expand an old one. Because officials have been saying “Yes!” to them for a long time now, government has become huge, arrogant and expensive.

But America belongs to us. We’re supposed to be in charge. That means we need to engage in the conversations and decisions that shape our everyday lives. Our future depends on it.

Find Your Voice…
Where do you start, especially when you’re not a policy wonk and you don’t have a lot of time? How can you make sure your voice will be heard?

That’s why we started the Citizen Action Network (CAN). Through CAN, we teach, inspire and engage people who want to be good citizens. We teach the bedrock principles behind the important issues facing us today. We host classes helping people gain valuable tools on how to articulate their positions persuasively. We help people navigate the social networking waters.

So, instead of helplessly standing by and watching taxpayer-funded bail-outs, government takeovers, and spending boondoggles, we can join together to take effective action.

Take Action…
Deliberate steps must be taken to restore limited government and personal responsibility in our country. The Citizen Action Network exists for people who want to help, but don’t know where to start. We provide a menu of learning and action options. There’s something to suit for everyone. Check out our website and review the possibilities.

Join The Community…
Thousands of people have joined each other to rebuild the American Dream. When you join CAN, you are joining a community of people dedicated to restoring the power and dignity of a free society—a society fueled by opportunity and personal responsibility.

The cost? Your time.

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