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Jami Lund
Senior Policy Analyst

5 Facts about Education Funding

Here are five key education funding facts to put you in the know about the state's most expensive program.

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Maxford Nelsen
Labor Policy Analyst

Why “$15 Now” Has Nothing to Do With Inflation, Productivity, or a Living Wage

In a guest op-ed to PubliCola, Max Nelsen demolishes three arguments of minimum-wage proponents.

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Glen Morgan
Property Rights Director

Gophers, artillery, and US fish & Wildlife

The Mazama Pocket Gopher thrives amid exploding artillery, but is now listed as an "endangered" species.

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Scott Roberts
Citizen Action Network Director

Big Government stares down Cliven Bundy, feds flinch first

Citizens and Big Government came face-to-face in Nevada. This is not just a single story about one rancher.

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State senators hold hearing exposing Doe's abuse of citizenry and local government

Watchdog Wire | April 22, 2014

"The required seven-year update is taking place right now in Pierce County, and the façade of the SMP update being a 'locally driven process' is quickly fading away. Nobody really believes there is much local control over the process. The public had a big laugh at the Department of Ecology during the hearing when its representatives made this claim."

Tiny animal, big threat to property owners

MyNorthwest.com | April 11, 2014

"'We've been fighting this fight for years trying to help property owners down in Thurston County where the pocket gopher is just one more of the species that the really radical pro-regulatory environmental groups - they find species that are spread out, that are hard to count, and because they get these species listed, then they can lock up huge amounts of land,' England told host David Boze on Friday."

Saturday Morning Live for Apr. 5, 2014

Smiling Liberty Road - Saturday Morning Live | April 8, 2014

"Guest Host Samuel Sefzik interviews Max Nelesen from Freedom Foundation and Erin Shannon of the Washington Policy Center, to discuss the Socialist Party movement to raise minimum wage to $15 in Seattle and eventually the entire State of Washington."

The Freedom Foundation's Maxford Nelsen on the Free Washington Tour

The David Boze Show | April 8, 2014

"The Freedom Foundation's Free Washington Tour--12 events around the state coming up in a couple weeks. Go to freewatour.com"